A Pillow Designed for the Sleep of a Child

A Pillow Designed for the Sleep of a Child

09:31 22 March in Pillow Talk

Can sleep help your child’s brain update and reboot faster? The answer is yes! Science is proving that sleep can have many long term benefits that impact a child’s health and wellness in a very positive way.

While we are sleeping, our brains are busy updating and restoring all the information we absorbed throughout the day. Your brain takes the implicit information you gathered subconsciously during the day and processes it into explicit and conscious knowledge. Even more interesting, a study from 2013 revealed that children are better at this process than adults!

How? Children sleep more deeply than adults and experience higher activity in the brain during sleep because of it. Children can then more easily transform the large amount of information they accumulate during the day into knowledge they can recall intentionally.

Aside from this unique benefit of memory recall, other studies have demonstrated that children who receive more sleep have less behavior issues and are better able to pay attention in the classroom. Most importantly, children can miss out on learning opportunities when they are easily frustrated or distracted because they are tired. Helping your child get the recommended amount of healthy sleep (10-11 hours) will not only improve their overall wellness but also their performance in the classroom. PILLOW of HEALTH® cares about promoting wellness and providing products that advocate health. That’s why we created a pillow designed for the sleep of a child.

Our PILLOW of HEALTH® Kids Pillow is:

  • Hypoallergenic, dust mite resistant, & antimicrobial: creating a clean environment and designed so children can breathe easy
  • Therapeutic: providing comfort and support with medical grade fill designed to provide the best breathability
  • Free of harmful chemicals: ensuring safety for the one thing we spend the most time breathing into, night after night
  • Washer & dryer safe: backed by a 100 Wash Guarantee, a pillow designed to be kept clean and healthy
  • A gift that keeps on giving: with every Kids Pillow you purchase for your child, we donate one to a child with cancer. When you hug one, we give one!

With all the different learning opportunities children are presented with each day, it is important to ensure they receive the best sleep possible to succeed each day. A PILLOW of HEALTH® Kids Pillow’s friendly colors will brighten your child’s bedroom and another child’s hospital room.

Born out of love, the Kids Pillow is designed for the sleep of a child. At PILLOW of HEALTH® we know how much sleep plays a vital role in good health and we want to ensure every child receives the best sleep they deserve.