Is Hitting the Snooze Button Beneficial?

Is Hitting the Snooze Button Beneficial?

16:53 17 April in Pillow Talk

Five more minutes…ten more minutes… Are you in the habit of hitting your snooze button during the week? Sometimes the idea of just fifteen more minutes of lying in bed with your customizable pillow can sound so good but at PILLOW of HEALTH we know the truth about the snooze button. We want to fill you in so you can stop snoozing and start enjoying each morning!

Waking up in the morning can be hard (especially when your hypoallergenic pillow is so soft and comfortable). But hitting the snooze button can leave you feeling more tired than when you first woke up. How? Science has proven that we actually have an internal body clock controlled by our brains. When we have trouble getting out of bed, it is because the rhythm of our body clocks is phase-delayed. In other words, when you sleep in late on the weekend, it makes it harder to wake up on week days. It’s no wonder Monday mornings are notorious for being difficult!

At PILLOW of HEALTH, we believe in the importance of getting good sleep but our other goal is to encourage and spread awareness about the many long-term health benefits that quality sleep delivers. That’s why we designed a chiropractor recommended pillow that is also an organic and machine washable pillow. We know that when you sleep healthy, you look healthy, and you live healthy. So this week, we came up with a list of simple tips to help you start living healthier by enjoying each morning instead of snoozing through most of it.

Snooze Less—Energize More

Commit to consistency

  • The simplest but also the most challenging step is wake up at the same time every day. If you wake up at 6:00 am each morning and sleep in until 9:00 am on the weekends, your body clock will never stay in sync. Make a decision to start every morning at the same time and push yourself to stay consistent (when you choose a natural, cooling pillow like this adjustable twin pillow, you’ll get a better night’s rest to make it easier to stick to this routine).

Establish a bedtime routine

  • Stay consistent with your regular sleep habits. Start by eliminating distractions and keeping bright light gadgets out of the bedroom. Then create the perfect sleep setting by investing in high quality pillows and bedding or painting the bedroom a soothing hue like blue or grey. You can make your sleep routine an enjoyable time to destress and unwind by lighting a candle, reading a book, or using essential oils.

Get more sleep

  • Create an optimal sleep environment so you can get the rest you need. Invest in a quality self-adjusting king pillow to ensure you stay comfortable and cool throughout the night. Proven by a sleep study to increase the amount of REM sleep you can achieve, this pillow’s holistic design is unique and customizable for your needs.

Greet the day

  • Waking up a half hour earlier will allow you to make time for yourself and enjoy the morning. Plan an activity like journaling, jogging for 20 minutes, meditating, or listening to podcasts. When you start implementing a soul-enriching morning routine, you’ll start looking forward to waking up instead of wanting to hit snooze!

Share your favorite tips for your morning routine by using #NewPillowNewYou. We’d love to hear how you greet the day!

We hope that you’ll start getting good quality sleep, stop hitting snooze, and start feeling more relaxed, positive, and refreshed each morning.