3 Ways Your Pillow Can Prevent Allergy Symptoms

3 Ways Your Pillow Can Prevent Allergy Symptoms

09:56 19 May in News, Pillow Talk

April showers bring May flowers…and allergens?! Spring brings budding trees and beautiful blossoms but if you’re one of the millions of people who suffer from seasonal allergies, spring can bring you a runny nose and sleepless nights.

Did you know that seasonal allergies are stealing your sleep? A study discovered that 59% of people with nasal allergies say they have trouble sleeping because of their symptoms but only 35% are actively seeking treatment. With sleep being a key part of a healthy lifestyle, it is important to invest in getting a good night’s sleep. That’s why PILLOW of HEALTH® wants to share 3 ways our customizable pillow can help you stop sniffling and start dreaming!

Our 3 Favorite One-of-a-Kind Benefits of our Healthy Pillow:

  1. Dust-mite Resistant
    • Fact: Did you know that 10% of the weight of a 2 year old pillow is made up of dust mites, both dead and alive, and their fecal matter? That fact alone is enough to make one’s skin crawl! Even worse, many people are allergic to dust and, therefore, dust mites—who can live an average of 3 months!
    • Benefit: One of the only ways to get rid of dust mites is to use high-temperature cleaning, but our hypoallergenic pillow is naturally resistant to dust mites because of its high-density cell structure and high-resilience foam that is antimicrobial and has earned its CertiPUR-US® seal by being made with the healthiest materials available & passing strict safety standards.
  2. Washer/dryer Safe
    • Fact: One of the most effective and easiest ways to prevent allergy symptoms is to regularly wash bedding and pillow cases to help you breathe easier while you sleep. Knowing how dust mites love to live in your mattresses, pillows, and blankets (they dislike hard surfaces), keeping a clean bedroom is an effective way to prevent allergy symptoms at night.
    • Benefit: Our natural pillow is machine-washable & dryer safe—you can view our 100 Wash test to see how durable it is! Even better, the elasticity of the filling in our healthy pillow actually rejuvenates after every wash because of the composition of the fiber in the filling.
  3. Moisture-wicking Features
    • Fact: It’s tempting to open windows and let cool air in during the warmer days of spring, but with a seasonal allergy it’s better to avoid that option and use an air conditioner. Controlling the humidity in your home with a dehumidifier or your air conditioner can prevent allergy symptoms.
    • Benefit: Our hypoallergenic pillow breathes better to stay cooler all night long! Not only is the air permeability between the fill’s fiber clusters in our cooling pillow much larger than traditional pillow fibers, but our healthy pillow is made with a moisture wicking fabric engineered for professional athletes. You’ll be kept cool and dry all night long!


If you’re suffering from the seasonal allergy symptoms that come with the spring season, you should consider investing the time into establishing a healthy sleep routine and you can start with your own PILLOW of HEALTH®! Living a healthy lifestyle and enjoying the change in seasons is possible, by making one positive change at a time.