The Perfect Gift for Your MVP Dad

The Perfect Gift for Your MVP Dad

14:52 07 June in Pillow Talk

This Father’s Day give your dad the perfect gift fit for a MVP! With a PILLOW of HEALTH® your dad can prioritize sleep and get the rest he deserves! Did you know that one of the secrets to being a true MVP is to make sure to implement a solid recovery process by getting good sleep? Your dad is already an all-star parent so what better way to show him you think he’s #1 this Father’s Day than to give him his own customizable pillow so he can sleep just like the pros!

We loved Arianna Huffington’s best-selling novel, The Sleep Revolution, which talks about the importance of getting healthy sleep. Huffington emphasizes that in today’s fast-paced world, our need for a good night’s sleep is more important than ever (so important that even the sports world is paying attention.) That’s right! Professional athletes and sports teams are becoming more focused on getting healthy sleep now that the benefits of good sleep are being fully recognized.

For athletes, good sleep is about performance. Coaches and trainers are realizing that good sleep is an important part of the winning combination of training and restoration. 4-time NBA MVP LeBron James swears by sleeping 12 hours a day when practicing and most NBA players take naps every game day to give their bodies the restoration time needed to have a positive performance.

With good quality sleep being so important for athletes (and Dad!) to be all-stars, investing in quality sleep products, like a chiropractor recommended pillow, is key! Made in the USA, PILLOW of HEALTH® has incredible benefits guaranteed to make dad feel like a MVP this Father’s Day.

PILLOW of HEALTH® is a Slam Dunk!

  • Moisture Wicking Fabric
    • Made with a moisture wicking fabric engineered for professional athletes—Dad will stay cool and dry all night long!
  • Adjustable Firmness
    • Every MVP is different—Dad can adjust the softness or firmness of the pillow to his comfort level by adding or removing fill using the zipper on the side.
  • Washer/Dryer Safe
    • Made to last—Dad can wash his pillow and the elasticity of the filling will rejuvenate after each wash!
  • Healthy, Hypoallergenic Pillow
    • Sleep Healthy, Look Healthy, Live Healthy®—Dad can get the quality rest he needs to a MVP every day!

Whether your dad plays basketball, cooks dinner, or helps you with your homework, he works hard to be your MVP Dad every day! Give him the perfect Father’s Day gift this year so he can get the rest a MVP needs! What makes your dad a MVP? We would love to know! Happy Father’s Day!