7 Tips to Achieve the Biggest Health Trend of 2017

7 Tips to Achieve the Biggest Health Trend of 2017

15:50 17 July in Pillow Talk

Have you heard about the latest wellness trend of 2017? While promoting her new book, Clean Beauty, Gwyneth Paltrow announced that the biggest health trend for 2017 is clean sleeping. In 2016, everyone was setting goals to practice clean eating habits but now the spotlight is shining on the importance of getting quality clean sleep. PILLOW of HEALTH® is especially excited because advocating good quality sleep and a healthy lifestyle is at the heart of our mission!

What is ‘clean sleeping’?

Clean sleeping, most simply, is getting good quality sleep on a regular basis. Sometimes easier said than done.

The new 2017 health trend is about taking sleep more seriously and really making it a priority among your healthy lifestyle habits.

We understand that balancing exercise, clean eating, and now, clean sleeping, can seem like a lot. We also know that with commitment and determination, it’s not only possible but worth the extra effort. PILLOW of HEALTH® has 7 simple tips to share to help you start your clean sleeping goals today!

  1. Invest in a clean pillow. Our hypoallergenic pillow is machine-washable & dryer safe—making it a healthy & lifelong investment to fit your healthy lifestyle.
  2. Avoid blue light. The artificial lighting coming from electronics (like your phone or tablet) prevents the natural release of melatonin from your brain, keeping you from getting sleepy at bedtime.
  3. Cut caffeine earlier. Are you a coffee enthusiast or an afternoon soda drinker? Studies are showing that caffeine taken 6 hours before bedtime is disrupting to your sleep. Try eliminating that afternoon habit and treat yourself to some hydrating fruit infused water instead!
  4. Keep dinner light. A heavy dinner can keep you up at night with heartburn and indigestion. Opt for a lighter and leaner meal to keep you sleeping soundly.
  5. Pamper yourself: clean sleep is beauty sleep. Gwyneth Paltrow says that getting clean sleep is the secret to fuller, healthier hair, staying slim, and aging well. Create a sleep routine involving meditation, lighting a candle, or taking a warm bath—make time for yourself!
  6. Eat clean, sleep clean. Practicing healthy eating habits will help you sleep better too! Reducing intake of sugar, caffeine, and salt is good for a healthy body but it’s also good for ensuring a good night’s rest.
  7. Exercise more, sleep better. In Ariana Huffington’s book, The Sleep Revolution, she recommends making time for physical activity to see better sleep results. Sleep and exercise aren’t mutually exclusive! Huffington recommends fitting exercise into your day whenever you’re able.

Are you thinking of incorporating the clean sleeping trend into your lifestyle? Let us know what your favorite tips are for clean sleeping! #CleanPillowCleanSleep