How to Choose the Right Pillow? A Chiropractor’s Advice

How to Choose the Right Pillow? A Chiropractor’s Advice

09:40 23 August in News

Did you know that 61% of chiropractors sell pillows to their patients? Many patients ask the question ‘How do you choose the right pillow?’ Chiropractor, Dr. Jason Jones, shares 2 answers with us!

  1. Choose a hypoallergenic pillow that will provide optimal comfort and support.
  • Jones recommends PILLOW of HEALTH® because it is filled with medical grade foam that meets CertiPUR-US® standards and is designed for pressure relief—made to provide the ideal comfort and support for each individual!
  1. Choose a natural pillow that is customizable to ensure you get the perfect support for you.
    • Jones advises choosing an adjustable pillow that allows you to add or remove the fill to fit your desired firmness level. Everyone’s needs are different and a customizable pillow allows an individual to control his or her desired comfort level and achieve personalized sleep.

Chiropractors love recommending PILLOW of HEALTH® to patients because of the unique health benefits and we love advocating the importance of the vital role that sleep plays in good health! That’s why we’re excited to announce that this year PILLOW of HEALTH® is a Platinum Sponsor for The National, the largest event for chiropractic worldwide.

Getting good quality sleep provides us with the opportunity to revitalize and restore our bodies. Our physical health depends on sleep for the healing and repair of our heart and blood vessels, healthy growth and development, and maintaining a healthy immune system. Knowing how important sleep is for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, we are excited to support the event and share the benefits of our customizable pillow with the attendees at the Florida Chiropractic Association’s Annual Convention & Expo series.

If you’re attending The National this year, you can find us at booth 326 & 1206 on August 24th-27th. We would love to hear from you!