DIY Backyard Glamping Family Fun

DIY Backyard Glamping Family Fun

10:21 29 August in Pillow Talk

PILLOW of HEALTH® is excited to share some super easy and creative ideas for how to have a fun DIY Backyard Glamping evening right at home!

With back to school shopping right around the corner, it’s important to slow down and make the most of fun summer activities with your family! What better way to enjoy the outdoors than a DIY Backyard Glamping evening?

What is glamping? Glamping is a trendy new word for glamorous camping. There are a variety of ways to go glamping that range from selecting a luxurious glampsite somewhere around the world to building your own glampsite in a destination of your choice. Our favorite way to go glamping is to do it yourself in your very own backyard!

Set the Scene

Glamping is about creating a luxurious experience. We recommend creating a personal canopy to relax under or finding a pop-up weatherproof tent that meets your needs. Don’t forget bug spray or a large mosquito net so you can rest easy.

Get Comfy Cozy

If glamping is all about comfort, then a PILLOW of HEALTH® is a necessity! Breathable & adjustable: it’s perfect to snuggle with for fireside chats. And on top of that, every hypoallergenic pillow (including the Kids Pillow) is washer/dryer safe so you can wash everyone’s pillows after your evening outside!

Craft Memories

Make your Backyard Glamping evening a night to remember! Incorporate a creative craft like making DIY Lanterns or Mason Jar Flower Arrangements to make your glamping scenery extra special.

Fancy Campfire Food

One of the most fun parts about glamping is getting to be creative with your menu! It’s all about luxury so bring out a fun cheese plate or try vamping up your favorite comfort foods. Some great ideas to try would be a Spicy Grilled Thai Pizza or Grilled Banana Boats!

We love recommending family fun activities to our PILLOW of HEALTH® community! If you try your own DIY Backyard Glamping, be sure to share a picture and tag us on social media! #BackyardGlamping