What Your Kids Need to Succeed this School Year

What Your Kids Need to Succeed this School Year

10:23 06 September in Pillow Talk

As you’re hurrying to check items off your back to school lists, are you also making sure to prepare your kids with the most essential items for a successful school year? Research shows that students who get the recommended amount of sleep (10-11 hrs.) have better ability to focus in school. We know that more focus means more learning which leads to more success! This year, don’t forget the essentials, like a PILLOW of HEALTH®, to help ensure your child gets the sleep he or she needs to succeed!

3 Reasons Why A+ Students Get Zzzz’s

  1. Better Memory Recall—Children’s brains update and restore all the information they absorb during the day while they are sleeping. It’ll be much easier for your children to take on test days if they aren’t waking up in the middle of the night from discomfort.
    • Since each standard pillow’s level of fill is adjustable, your child will get comfortable, personalized sleep. As your children grow, they can simply add or remove fill as needed to support their growing bodies. (You won’t have to buy another pillow again!) Check out this video to see how easy it is to adjust PILLOW of HEALTH®!
  2. More Focus, More Success—Students who get the recommended amount of sleep have better attention in class and more energy to focus on what they’re learning every day. With quality rest, students can be less stressed!
    • PILLOW of HEALTH® is cool! It breathes better to keep you comfortable all night long. The moisture wicking fabric wicks away moisture and heat to reduce sweating and discomfort—no more tossing and turning throughout the night.
  3. Sleep Healthy. Live Healthy.—Getting clean, healthy sleep impacts each lifestyle in a positive way. Quality sleep supports healthy brain function which will not only keep students sharp but will help them to be the best version of themselves every day!
    • With so many learning opportunities going on during their day, kids need good sleep to be able to succeed!

Don’t forget to prepare your kids with the essentials to achieve good sleep as you’re shopping for back to school items this year!