Time to Clean for Fall

Time to Clean for Fall

06:03 03 October in Pillow Talk

Cooler breezes, colorful surroundings, bonfires, homecoming celebrations – these are all signs that fall is almost here! With the change of seasons, fall cleaning is a typical part of our yearly routine to get ready to spend more time indoors.

Many of us will rid our home of the things we no longer have a use for. Maybe we vacuum in places that haven’t been touched for a while, like behind the refrigerator or couch. Why not focus on the bedroom and sleep environment to ensure a restful retreat for fall? Clean bedding, or even a new mattress or pillows can make us feel refreshed for this time of year, and PILLOW of HEALTH offers many health benefits along with outstanding comfort!


Here are some helpful hints on what to focus on when cleaning out your bedroom this fall:

Flip the Mattress! Stripping the mattress, vacuuming the underside and flipping to the other side is a common ritual when doing fall cleaning. A mattress pad or cover that protects against allergens and dust mites is a must! If you have one already, be sure to wash it in hot water and get it ready for the season of sleep. If your mattress is more than seven years old, experts say it’s time to buy a new one and start fresh!

Make a trip to the Laundromat or Drycleaner with your Comforters and Pillows!  A good washing of the large linens like your pillows and comforter or quilt is a must for fall cleaning! After prolonged use of your bedding it becomes a breeding ground for dust mites and skin cells, the only way to rid your bedding of these allergens is to wash them. The PILLOW of HEALTH is machine-washable and dryer safe pillow and will actually rejuvenate after each wash. Laundromats offer larger machines to be sure to get them extra clean, and many laundry facilities or dry cleaners offer this service at a reasonable price for those who don’t want to do it themselves.

Break out the Flannel Sheets! If you have warmer sheets that you use in the colder seasons, now is the time to add them to your bedding. Be sure they are ready to use and add to your bedding.

Consider Replacing your Bedding! Is it time for new pillows? Did you know PILLOW of HEALTH is ANTIMICROBIAL, HYPOALLERGENIC and DUST MITE RESISTANT so you can breathe easy? With the 30 Day Sleep Trial Guarantee, and the Limited Lifetime Warrantee, why not try it and see how you can improve your sleep this fall? All pillows are machine washable, which means next year your fall cleaning can be simplified and the health benefits continue year to year! Be sure to check out all the benefits of PILLOW of HEALTH .

After completing the necessary bedroom cleaning tasks, just think how well you will sleep this fall! Consider it an investment in your well-being and peace during the chilly months ahead.