Black Friday & Sleep

Black Friday & Sleep

08:34 23 November in Pillow Talk

Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, is a huge shopping tradition for many individuals and families! In 2016, over 101 million shoppers tackled the early morning Black Friday crowds, and 137 million shopped the sales over the four-day Thanksgiving holiday weekend. Experts state this accounts for about 30 percent of total sales for the entire year for retailers! No wonder the sale ads are already flooding our email and mail boxes!


But what are the effects on our sleep and health to save money fulfilling Christmas wish lists? Some stores open as early as midnight the night of Thanksgiving, leaving many shoppers with just a couple of hours of sleep after a big day of festive eating and celebration. Not to mention all the retail employees who have to work overnight shifts!


How can we continue the Black Friday sale tradition with minimal effects on our sleep? Here are some ideas:


Take a nap after the Turkey! Minimize your midnight shopping wake up call by napping after an early turkey dinner, or just going to get your eight hours in before shopping! Experts say the amino acid Tryptophan in the turkey, combined with all the carbohydrates we eat at Thanksgiving dinner, create an increase in Seratonin, a hormone in our body that makes us want to sleep!


Shop in your pajamas! In 2016, a National Retail Federation survey stated that more shoppers hit the online sales than hitting store sales over the long Black Friday weekend. Why not join the majority and do your shopping online, on your schedule, while targeting just the best sales for your gift list? Experts also stated online sales are best on Thanksgiving Day rather than on Black Friday (especially for certain items like computers, video games and apparel) which means you could shop and then stay on a normal sleep schedule!


Only go to one or two stores then head home to catch some sleep! Scan the sale ads and just hit the stores you need to on Black Friday, then go home to make sure you get the sleep you need! If you can avoid the biggest stores, you may avoid the long lines and crabby, sleep-deprived customers and still get the best prices on some of your items.


Consider adding the PILLOW of HEALTH to your shopping list! What better present could you give than the gift of a good night’s sleep to your loved ones! PILLOW of HEALTH is a great addition to anyone’s sleep routine with its Superior Proprietery Materials and 30-Day Sleep Guarantee. Children love the specialized kid’s PILLOW of HEALTH and it is available in an array of colors. It feels more like a comforting, soft, stuffed animal than a pillow, and for every kid’s pillow purchase another PILLOW of HEALTH is donated to a child with Cancer!


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Put yourself on your list for a PILLOW of HEALTH to ensure that whether you go all out for the Black Friday hours of shopping, or choose to shop online in your home, you will enjoy all the benefits and comfort when you do make it to your bed for some needed sleep! If you miss the shopping, you will enjoy your sleep on your PILLOW of HEALTH and can always wait until Cyber Monday!