Improve Sleeping in the Winter

Improve Sleeping in the Winter

21:49 06 December in Pillow Talk

It’s December and winter is here! With the cold weather, many sleeping issues can trouble us if we are not prepared for them. New issues with allergies, body changes and lack of light can make for a long season of sleep problems!

Most people need between 7 ½ to 8 ½ hours of sleep every night, according to experts. Winter brings several changes that affect our sleep patterns and can contribute to health issues! The change in the amount of daylight causes an effect on the pituitary gland which affects our body’s melatonin (a hormone that regulates the body’s sleep cycle). Colder air also changes the production of melatonin.

Turning on the heat can create air that breeds more illnesses due to the drying out of our mucus membranes. Additionally, with the holidays we are more likely to eat sugary or fatty foods that change hormone levels that can disrupt the sleep cycle. When the sleep cycle is affected, experts say we tend to eat more and crave these foods, which can create a constant sleep problem in the winter!

What can we do to alleviate the problems and have a more restful season? Here are some tips to improve sleeping in the winter:

Turn on the heat, but not too high! Research says we sleep better when the air is not too warm. When our skin temperature is not overheated, our sleep has less interruptions. So be sure to turn the heat down a little at night to improve the quality of your rest. Read on to see how the PILLOW of HEALTH can help keep you cool at night!

Humidify and clean the air too!  Investing in a humidifier adds moisture to your sleep, and decreases our susceptibility to sore throats and stuffy noses. A humidifier can help with these issues. An air cleaner also helps us breathe when sleeping by eliminating allergens like dust mites or pet dander. Less congestion means better sleep!

Improve your bedding! The PILLOW of HEALTH is a great place to start improving the bedding you spend winter resting on! Flannel sheets are comforting in winter, but the PILLOW of HEALTH with its moisture wicking outer liner is highly breathable, which will keep your temperature cool to improve winter sleep patterns!

You can rest better knowing The PILLOW of HEALTH is tested and recommended by Doctors and made of the highest medical-grade materials to ensure both comfort and health benefits! Why not try the PILLOW of HEALTH this winter, your satisfaction is guaranteed and fully refundable!