Create A Feng Shui Bedroom Sanctuary

Create A Feng Shui Bedroom Sanctuary

09:56 19 April in Pillow Talk

Feng Shui Origin and Concepts

Feng Shui (meaning wind and water) originated from Chinese Astronomy and is based on how our environment and placement of specific items in it promote good “qi”, a form of energy. It is not a science, but it is widely accepted as being instrumental in what type of energy we create in our home or any space we desire optimal functionality.

The practice of Feng Shui claims to directly affect the harmony of our surroundings. The goal is to create an environment that invites happiness, wealth and health in our lives. It also references the terms Ying and Yang, and invisible forces that can change everything from how productive we are in business to how well we sleep at night!

Using Feng Shui in your Bedroom

Some of the basics of feng shui are easily applied to our sleeping quarters, and definitely worth a try to make our bedroom a haven for sleeping! Here are some of the easiest to try:

  • Clean out clutter! Clutter in feng shui philosophy represents things unfinished and can stall progress. Getting rid of clutter allows the “qi” energy to flow freely in the room. And hiding it under the bed is not a fix, it still stalls our energy according to feng shui experts! Plus, it can hinder our sleep!
  • Get rid of the negative objects! Get rid of anything that associates with a negative time in your life. Pictures, books, blankets, even the dresser or bed itself! If all of your furniture is “hand me down”, your life energy will reflect that.
  • Choose happy, warm, calm colors! What color is your bedroom? Is it a loud red or blue? Warm colors like tan, peach or coral are soothing. Soft colors like light blue, light violet, yellow or soft green create a tranquil setting and healing. Quiet is the goal in the bedroom, and certain colors promote that in feng shui.
  • Consider the objects! Your bedroom should promote rest and relaxation. Get rid of the desk, phone or other electronics symbolizing work or bills and the exercise equipment symbolizing physical exertion.
  • Make it beautiful! Focus on making your bedroom beautiful. Lots of natural lighting is best, and soft lighting fixtures are helpful. Be sure all light is blocked out with heavy curtains or blinds when sleeping.
  • And other hints…
       *Soothe your senses – What is your favorite scent? Vanilla? Do you like the sound of the ocean? Add candles or potpourri for scent and a sound machine if it helps soothe you at night.
        *Placement of your bed – Feng shui advises the bed should be farthest from the door to the bedroom, but in eye of the exit. This promotes best sleep while still feeling safe in the haven you create.
        *Don’t forget the closet – Just like under the bed, a closet can create chaotic feelings in our lives. Clean your closet and reap the benefits and feelings of order in your life, and sleep!

Pillow Fix

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