Is My Child Ready for a Pillow?

Is My Child Ready for a Pillow?

10:10 11 June in News, Pillow Talk

Signs your Child May be Ready for a Pillow

How can you tell your child is ready to use a pillow in their crib or bed? Introducing the pillow too early can be dangerous for young children. Some kids don’t need a pillow for many years, while some will become curious about this luxurious addition earlier in life. Here are some things to keep in mind when deciding when a pillow is right for your child.

Health Concerns

Your child’s health is the first thing on your mind, especially when they are young ! Here are some of the concerns to keep in mind:

  • Sids (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) – Babies need to sleep on their backs until they are a year old, according to experts. Studies show that after this time, SIDS is less of a risk for your baby. Experts say that babies do not need a pillow, or even thick blankets until this time has passed. Use warmer sleepwear instead.
  • Keep bedding to a minimum – Until your child can roll over, lift their head on their own, and just be more mobile in their crib or bed, excess bedding is a health concern. Your child could get caught in the bedding, crib bumper, comforter or even a pillow until it is safe.

When is it truly safe to introduce the pillow to my child?

Experts say to wait until you are transitioning to a toddler bed to introduce a child’s pillow. When a child is 2-3 years old, they have more mobility and can definitely maneuver in a bed safely with or without a pillow and comforter. Other signs that your child is ready for a pillow include:

  • Your child is transitioning to a toddler bed
  • Your child has been recommended to use a pillow by their pediatrician
  • Your child is asking for a pillow, and using a blanket and pillow when awake
  • Your child is uncomfortable and struggling to sleep due to lack of comfort


What type of pillow is safe for a toddler? Here are some things to look for:

  • Allergy free If your child has allergies, make sure the pillow has no trace of the allergens that affect your child’s health. Also, make sure it is washable to keep your child’s health optimal!
  • Firmness Be sure the support is geared towards your toddler’s development. Even with children, it’s important to find a supportive pillow that helps keep the spine aligned according to Dr. Jason Jones, D.C.
  • Check the filling Pillows made from down or feathers can aggravate allergies, and can be too soft for a toddler. Also, the noises the fill makes may impair a toddler’s sleep.
  • Outer material You may not choose to use a pillowcase for your child, so it’s important to make sure the outer material is safe and comfortable, and easily washable!


Another thing to look for is does the pillow come with a guarantee? You may need to return it if it is not to your child’s liking. You can rest easy if you purchase the PILLOW of HEALTH’s kid’s pillow. It comes with the PILLOW of HEALTH 30-day sleep guarantee and limited lifetime warrantee!

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