Sleeping Cool on Hot Summer Nights

Sleeping Cool on Hot Summer Nights

22:40 13 June in News, Pillow Talk

Summer is a welcome arrival after a long winter and rainy spring. Time to plan vacations, go to the beach, hang out at the pool and enjoy the outdoors again. Once we lay down to go to sleep at night, heat or humidity can interrupt our needed slumber!

One way to lessen the interruptions is to keep our bed cool at night! Here are some ideas on how to improve your sleep this summer:

Keep the room cool

Don’t let the heat in – During the day, keep all your blinds closed in the bedroom so that the heat doesn’t get in to make you hot in the evening. Open the windows when it is cooler out (typically at night).

Circulate the Air – When you do open the windows (or doors) make sure there is another open at the other end of the house or hallway to circulate air throughout the floor. Ceiling and electric fans also help circulate air and bring cooler air to your bedroom.

Keep your body cool

Take a shower right before sleeping – A cool shower before hitting the hay can lower your body temperature and help you get to sleep.

Avoid caffeine or alcohol – Both can make you feel hotter throughout the night when consumed before sleep.

Wear cool pajamas – Light, moisture wicking sleepwear will keep you the coolest and also helps to absorb any perspiration.

Most of all, keep your bed cool!

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