The Cost of Sleep

The Cost of Sleep

14:27 28 August in News, Pillow Talk

According to this Forbes study, sleep deprivation costs our economy $400 billion every year!

The study also states that those who sleep less have a higher chance of mortality, 13% higher if you sleep less than six hours each night!

Experts also say that poor sleep costs employers money through loss of productivity from insomnia and resulting absenteeism. Better sleep improves our ability to be a good employee and achieve optimum production and performance.

Here are just some of the ways of getting less than six hours of sleep each night can affect your work and health:

  • Lack of sleep reduces productivity! Research shows less than six hours of sleep per night substantially reduced ability to do your job, costing billions per year!
  • It also increases your risk of accidents and even death! Thousands of car and work accidents are caused by drowsiness and lessened reaction times. Lack of sleep also increases your risk of dying in an accident, or any cause.
  • Your immunity decreases and chance of disease increases! Lack of sleep increases your risk of being obese, getting cancer, having high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease, developing an ulcer, dementia or Alzheimer’s, suffering from depression and anxiety… among other illnesses!


Sleep is one of the most important ways to take care of yourself! Try to put sleep as a top priority for optimum health and overall performance, you won’t regret it.

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