PILLOW of HEALTH is One-of-a-Kind

Offering combined benefits not provided by any other pillow!


PILLOW of HEALTH was developed by a leading manufacturer of medical equipment. This pillow is far superior to any other pillow on the market today. It is not only comfortable, cool and durable but also certified to contain the healthiest fill components available.

  1. Adjustable Firmness for Your Unique Comfort Level

    PILLOW of HEALTH is CUSTOMIZABLE; you can add or remove filling to fit your desired firmness level through our proprietary zipper opening to create the perfect level of comfort for your body. You’re in control.
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  2. Healthiest Pillow with Certified Medical Grade Foam

    The pillow is constructed with a SCIENTIFICALLY ENGINEERED MEDICAL GRADE FILL specifically designed for pressure relief to provide optimal comfort and support. PILLOW of HEALTH is CertiPUR-US® certified and is ANTIMICROBIAL, HYPOALLERGENIC and DUST MITE RESISTANT so you can breathe easy.
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  3. Moisture Wicking Cover Keeps You Cool and Dry

    The outer layer is constructed from the most TECHNOLOGICALLY ADVANCED MOISTURE WICKING FABRIC available to keep you cool and dry. Our fabric is 40X MORE BREATHABLE THAN OTHER PILLOW FABRIC providing a cooler and more comfortable temperature all night long, resulting in a better night’s rest.
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  4. Luxurious, Durable and Washer/Dryer Safe

    PILLOW of HEALTH is proudly MADE IN AMERICA. It is designed to withstand regular machine washing and drying without losing shape or softness.
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  5. Premium-Quality Materials

    PILLOW of HEALTH is made with only the SUPERIOR PROPRIETERY MATERIALS, guaranteed to last, ensuring the best night’s sleep you’ve ever had is the sleep you get to enjoy every night with PILLOW of HEALTH.
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  6. Tested, Endorsed and Recommended by Doctors

    Medical professionals don’t recommend a product unless it’s something they truly believe in. That’s why we’re proud to say PILLOW of HEALTH is endorsed by several medical professionals, including doctors who specialize in sleep science.
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  7. 30 Day Sleep Trial Guarantee

    You won’t know until you try — so use our in-home 30 Day Sleep Trial to test PILLOW of HEALTH risk-free!
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  8. Limited Lifetime Warranty

    PILLOW of HEALTH is built to last a lifetime. We guarantee it.
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