PILLOW of HEALTH is Luxurious

And made to last, thanks to premium quality materials.


PILLOW of HEALTH is a combination of medical-grade materials and luxurious fabrics that create the perfect mix of function and comfort.

Medical-Grade Inner Liner
The PILLOW of HEALTH inner liner is used in hospitals for skin care treatments. Combined with the pillow’s spandex cover, it helps absorb moisture away from the skin to keep you cool, while allowing the pillow to conform to your head and neck for maximum comfort.


OptiAir Relief Polyester Cluster Fiber Fill

Ordinary pillows are filled with a fluffed fiber consisting of separate, individual fibers with limited resilience. The fibers used in PILLOW of HEALTH are pearl-sized balls consisting of more than 100 single fibers per ball. The OptiAir Relief entangled fibers only allow the filling balls to expand, not shrink.


High-Resilience Urethane Foam
The foam used in PILLOW of HEALTH is high-resilience foam with a longer-lasting memory/recovery than most urethane foams, due to its unique cell structure.

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