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“I gave my wife a pillow as a gift and she loves it, your pillow is a winner!”
– Steve B., IL


“I recently received a free pillow as a guest on the STEVE HARVEY SHOW, I love it so much that I am going to purchase more to give as Christmas gifts for my entire family. This pillow is helping me with my back and neck problems. I get a much deeper sleep with my Pillow of Health!”
– Patty G.


“Pillow of Health has been a fantastic addition to my bed! The pillow conforms to my head and neck and gently supports the cervical spine (neck) without forcing it into a certain position. I have also found that it makes a great support during my pregnancy and doubles as a body pillow. It can be extremely difficult to find a comfortable sleeping position while pregnant, but this pillow is a wonderful cushion and support for side sleeping. I think it’s time for another one! I would definitely recommend this pillow to my patients.”
– Amanda J., D.C.


“I have been sleeping on my new pillow for a few months, and am extremely satisfied. Pillow of Health is supportive, with just the right amount of plushness. It is breathable, and remains cool and comfortable throughout the night. This is the most comfortable pillow I’ve ever slept on! On my bed, there are many pillows – and no longer will I sleep on whichever I happen to grab first. Now, I make sure I have my favorite pillow when I get in bed.”
– Brian H.


“I like Pillow of Health because unlike pillows that are available in retail stores this pillow allows me to customize the firmness of the pillow to my personal comfort level. Pillows that are currently available in retail outlets are either rated in firmness as soft, medium, firm or extra firm. Pillow of Health allows me to adjust the firmness of the pillow by either adding or removing some of the pillows fill thereby ensuring that the pillow provides me with a level of firmness that will provide me with comfortable restful sleep. Pillow of Health provides me with customizable comfort.”
– Charlie C., IL


“Patients will often ask me how to freshen the appearance of their skin, or reduce the dark circles under their eyes. There are now studies to support the notion of ‘beauty sleep’, and restful nights have been associated with looking and feeling healthier. For instance, collagen production is accelerated during sleep, which is important because it is loss of collagen over time that contributes to aging and wrinkles. I tried Pillow of Health myself, and favor it over the four other pillows I had purchased over the past two years.”
– Melissa Stenstrom, MD


“I just wanted to thank you for your assistance with directing me to the proper pillow. As an orthopedic surgeon I know the importance of good body biomechanics as well as the crucial role sleep plays in our health. I used to use a down feather pillow as I enjoyed the softness. Unfortunately, it did not give me proper support. Since I have switched to Pillow of Health, my sleep has improved. Now I have a luxuriously soft pillow with appropriate support! Thanks again.”
– Marc Zussman, MD


“I want to thank you for allowing me to try out and now not go without “My cozy, snug, restful Pillow of Health”. I had been using a “supportive” type pillow which gave me good neck alignment, however, when I tried this pillow the first night I was impressed with its comfort and pliability while still giving me support. I can only compare it to a “gentle breath of support”. The fabric is breathable and the texture is so soft. My neck and head rest comfortably, and the nice thing about this pillow is that I don’t need to adjust my head to keep my neck cradled. I sleep better throughout the night. A restorative sleep is so important and this pillow provides me with physical ease and relaxation. I was a little skeptical because like shoe supports I thought I would have to adjust to the pillow, but I awoke feeling very relaxed and rested. It is the perfect combination of subtle support and inviting comfort. I think a true testament is that I no longer use the pillow I have had for 3 years. I even take it with me to the couch to cradle my neck. Thanks again.”
– Laurie Drake, B.A., B.S., P.T.


“Having worked as an athletic trainer and physical therapist at every level from High School to Collegiate and Professional levels, I have witnessed athletes do whatever they can within the rules to gain an advantage on the court or field. Pillow of Health is a simple tool that can help everyone gain an advantage for tomorrow by helping you get a good night sleep. The supportive properties of this pillow also help your spine properly aligned to aid the body in recovering from one day to the next and avoid placing harmful stress through the neck.I use and would recommend Pillow of Health to anyone looking to gain an advantage on tomorrow by helping you sleep well tonight.”
– Jeffery L. Stein, PT, ATC, DPT, Team Physical Therapist/ Athletic Trainer


“I have never been a picky pillow person. I’d buy mid-priced pillows and replace them every 6 months or so. I once tried to wash them and they turned into a lumpy mess! But with TPOH, I truly feel I’ll never need to buy a pillow again! It’s crazy to say, but when I washed it the first time, I feel like it came out of the dryer even better then new! But there are so many other benefits. When I had my baby girl, I ended up co-sleeping with her. There are so many rules to follow with co-sleeping to prevent SIDS, a large issue being the pillow that the parent sleeps on. I felt much better sleeping with the TPOH knowing that it is more breathable than any other pillow on the market. And because of that unique benefit, I have purchased the TPOH for my 4 year old son and plan to buy one for my daughter when she is of age to have a pillow in her crib. Breathable and machine washable!! It doesn’t get any better than that for a child’s first pillow!”
– Jennifer K.


“Before Pillow of Health I dreaded bed time. I was one of those people who tossed and turned the whole night through. I truly was a 45 minute interval sleeper. Pillow of Health has changed my outlook. I love this pillow because it’s personally customized to me. I finally wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day. For the first time in years I can say I dream of going back to bed!”
– Michalene C.
“After years of searching for the ‘perfect pillow,’ I am happy to say that I have found it! I am so delighted with this pillow. The first morning after trying the pillow, I was amazed to discover that I no longer had any neck pain, which previously was a daily issue first thing after I woke. Also, I am so delighted that I have the right comfort of pillow when I sleep, as it is self-adjusting. Previously, all of the many pillows I tried were way too fluffy for my liking. Also, I love the fact that this pillow has NO toxicity, including formaldehyde, which by California standards is a fire retardant. Thank you, Pillow of Health, for this wonderful pillow. I will be taking this pillow with me wherever I plan to sleep!”
– Nancy S., California


“The only thing I contribute my better sleep to is Pillow of Health! As a busy mother and grandmother, I have been having more and more challenges with achieving better sleep and was looking for the perfect pillow. After sleeping on Pillow of Health, it supported my head in the most comfortable position and it was not hot under my head. I have read about toxins in the pillows and was excited to know this pillow was different. I plan to give each of my grandchildren one for their birthdays. they may never admit it but I have a sneaking suspicion they will get as attached to their Pillow of Health as I am.”
– GRANDMA J, Michigan


“As a college student, I was not expecting a pillow to be a big deal. But after using it, taking it back and forth from school and home, I really like it. With test cramming and a schedule that is unpredictable, I really need to sleep when I can. But I also need to wake up feeling like I had slept well and with this pillow, I do! Besides, I can throw it in the washer as often as it needs!”
– JH, Michigan


“As a pregnant woman (for the first time), I have read about avoiding as many toxins as I can, and was surprised to learn that many of the most expensive pillows are actually toxic – who would have thought? I found Pillow of Health and was ecstatic to discover it was doctor-recommended. It is moldable to my ever-growing body and I LOVE the way it cradles me.”
– DH, Florida


“A few weeks ago, I slipped on ice and hyperextended my left knee. The sharp, shooting pain made it difficult to walk and at night, the pain kept me awake. I tried feather pillows, small pillows, thicker pillows, and could not get comfortable no matter what I tried. Then came the new pillow and finally, my left felt cushioned and I was able to relax and sleep. I could sleep on either side with the pillow allowing no pressure directly on the injured knee.”
– EL, Minnesota


“I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this non-toxic pillow!!!!! For the first time in my life, I LOVE a pillow. I have been looking for the ‘right’ pillow since my car accident 20 years ago. Having neck and spinal injuries, its hard to sleep comfortably and not be tossing and turning throughout the night. I have a closet full of pillows that I’ve purchased over the years. The first night I used my Pillow Of Health, I slept so restfully and DIDN’T wake up having a sore neck. I was AMAZED! I’ve had guests over and was being a good hostess and let them use my pillow to give them the experience, and each person LOVED it also.”
– KH, Minnesota


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