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Are you interested in signing up for the PILLOW of HEALTH Reseller Program? Fill out the form below and a Pillow Professional will be in contact with you soon. You may also email inquiries to or call 800-842-0810. Remember to ask about our starter kit: 4 queen pillows, 3 framed posters, 50 brochures and waiting room video!


PILLOW of HEALTH has a MAP Policy for the public platforms listed above. You must be willing to comply with our pricing standards. By selecting submit below, you agree to the following:

*To always be compliant with MAP Pricing. Should you choose to re-price you must agree to set your prices to go no lower than the minimum prices outlined by PILLOW of HEALTH.

*To disclose any and all accounts used to sell PILLOW of HEALTH Products.

*To utilize selling structure that does not include e-commerce.

After clicking the "Submit" button, your request will be sent to a PILLOW of HEALTH representative.